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What is a Tree Popper?

A tree popper is a tool that was invented by South Africans to remove trees safely and effectively. Whether it’s for eradicating alien plants, or simply relocating a tree with its roots intact, the tree popper is a handy tool that makes this job easy.  It is a wonderful alternative to harmful chemicals that remove foreign and unwanted plants.

The DIY tree popper can be used by one person, so you won’t need a team of people to complete a job. It’s hardy, user-friendly and effective at removing everything, including the roots! This tool doesn’t harm the environment, and effectively removes the whole plant.

Manufactured from mild steel, the tree popper comprises a lever/handle with a rubber grip and a foot piece firmly held together by a circlip. These two basic parts form a plier-like jaw that is used to grip the plant stem. It comes in three different sizes depending on the requirements, and doesn’t need any maintenance or servicing.

Operating it is simple: with the jaw hooked around the plant stem, force is exerted on the handle causing the foot piece to lever the plant and its roots completely out of the ground. This simple manual operation has eliminated the need for high-speed blades and other potentially dangerous mechanical operations. No skill is required when using the Tree Popper and even the least experienced person can remove trees with ease!  

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