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The Advantages That the Mechanisation of Agriculture Has Brought Us


Farming mechanisation is an extremely broad term which refers to the use of machines, whether partially or fully mechanised, on farms. The use of these machines has brought about massive progress in the productivity and success of the agricultural industry.

As we look back and appreciate the introduction of mechanisms, such as irrigation equipment, pump sets, tractors, and combine harvesters, we can see the immense amount of advantages which it has brought the industry.

Production is Increased

Mechanisation increases work speed ten-fold. This means that the production of commodities is completed at a higher rate, with bigger yields being produced in shorter time frames. Without the assistance of agricultural machinery, many farmers would struggle to meet market demands and would be at risk of getting insufficient income.

Cost of Work is Lowered

With mechanisation, the cost of work is significantly decreased as it takes less man power to complete operations, and production is completed in a shorter amount of time. This adjustment to the cost of production and yields results in decreased labour costs, as well as increased profits.

Usage of Land is Improved

The use of agricultural machinery on farms also allows for maximum land usage. Mechanisation allows farmers to create land that can be used for harvest, where previously the land may have been written off. Mechanisation can improve the usage of land, as well as expand possibilities.

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