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Getting Quality Axles For Trailers In The Agricultural Sector

Axles for trailers vary as much as trailer axle prices do, making choosing the right one tricky. A quality trailer manufacturer will be able to advise and provide you with the best axle for your needs in the agricultural industry.

Choosing Axles for Trailers

Trailers on farms are often used to carry large hauls of produce, feed, refuse, etc. The capacity of the axle is the most important thing to consider when you are perusing what trailer axle manufacturers have on offer. The capacity of the axle will determine how much weight the trailer can safely carry without damaging the axle or the load.

Once you have determined the capacity you will be using the trailer for, and the maximum limit, you know where to start with finding the right tools for the job. Knowing your load is essential to choosing the appropriate axles for trailers on the farm.

Axles for trailers from Burquip International makes axles for trailers ranging from unbaked axles that are 40mm round and 1250mm long with 900kg carrying capacity all the way to baked axles with capacities of up to 17 000kg.

Frequently Checking Your Trailer Axles

Any axle manufacturer will tell you that the axle’s ability is only as good as its maintenance. It is vital that the trailer axles are well maintained. In the case that anything should go wrong, the axle must be replaced immediately to avoid any damage to the trailer itself.

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