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MiPower’s Energy Storage Systems














MiPower has been building integrated battery systems for many years. The same degree of expertise, quality control and technological innovation has informed our process of developing high-performance batteries for municipal grid.


Charge at low demand Eskom tariff and Discharge at times of peak demand to avoid or reduce demand charges by Eskom.


Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid paying high energy prices. Where applicable, this price optimization accounts for solar or other on-site generation.






Provide intermediate backup power to your grid in the event of Eskom grid interruption. This function can be standalone or tied to solar park.

By implementing MiPower Battery bank solution the municipality will be able to shift Eskom Peak tariff to lower tariff (From just over 300 cents to kwh to below 100 cents per kwh

Relying on the advanced Fe battery technology, MiPower can provide large-scale energy storage, distributed energy storage and micro-grid, which forms a complete set and series of energy storage system solutions.

MiPower ESS technology offers a modular, flexible design and can be easily tailored to meet a diverse set of customer needs.  For more information, visit their website here.

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