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Consolidation of The Fuel, Transport and Warehousing

Auto Commodities Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the result of a consolidation of the fuel, transport and warehousing activities of three companies in providing a smart turnkey solution to the greater fuel, transport and logistics Sectors.


Fuel Storage Depots

The Fuel Division of the group is involved in the trading, import, local sourcing, storage, distribution and wholesale of fuel through a distribution network of inland storage facilities. The Fuel Division also distributes various lubricants to end users through its distribution channels. This includes Auto Commodities (Pty) Ltd, Auto Commodities Northern Cape (Pty) Ltd and Phodilogistics (Pty) Ltd, a Level One BBBEE fuel wholesaler, importer & exporter. The majority of fuel distribution and collections are enhanced by supplying product from our own operated storage depots and terminals, resulting in a timeous and customized service to our clients.

Transport, Logistics and Warehousing

Our Transport, Logistics and Warehousing division provides various unique solutions to a vast variety of customers. Through our association with PhodiLogistics (Pty) Ltd, Metal Line Projects (Pty) Ltd, Payloads Bulk (Pty) Ltd and Robust Carriers Botswana (Pty) Ltd, we incorporated the services of supply chain solutions for bulk mining commodities in the Chrome, Copper, Iron Ore, Lithium and Manganese sectors. We offer a unique, holistic, end-to-end solution, providing customers with a service offering that includes flexible and multi-tiered smart transport solutions and bulk handling facilities through our warehousing infrastructure. We also offer a freight forwarding and clearing service. 

Our Vision

To become a market leading independent Southern-African commodity & smart logistics supplier & distributor.

Our Mission

To supply good quality products and services through an innovative safe & unique transport solution to provide our customers peace of mind.

Our Strategy

Continuous improvement creating a sustainable business that drives shareholder value.

Diversify operations across industry value chain.

Constant focus on delivering a guaranteed supply of product through the most efficient & economical logistics function.



  • Tank & Meter Finance
  • Alternative burning fuels through the energy company
  • Cross border logistics and trade through robust carriers & payloads
  • Debtor Finance and terms for Agri clients through Afgri & Grocapital
  • Bulk Commodity handling & supply chain management through metal line projects
  • Alternative Transport through rail and Pipeline as as storage and handling solutions through Phodi Logistics


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Auto Commodities Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the result of a consolidation of the fuel | transport and warehousing activities