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SafeLite Chelsea Safety Boot

SafeLite Chelsea Safety Boot

A leather Chelsea safety boot is a convenient slip-on style safety boot with an elasticized ankle gusset, a pull tab at the back of the boot, and a metal-free toe cap.

Certain industries will be more demanding on feet and contain dangerous environments that can harm workers without the proper equipment and uniform. That’s why proper safety footwear is required in various industries. These industries include construction, mining, warehousing, farming, forestry and in factories.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that the SafeLite Chelsea safety boot has to offer:

1. Metal-Free Chelsea Safety Boot

The SafeLite Chelsea safety boot has a metal-free toe cap offering full safety protection to the toe. The toe cap has a generous fit and has an impact resistance of 200 Joules.

The metal-free quality of this safety boot is particularly valuable as it allows you to move easily through metal detectors.

2. Protects Against Heavy Or Falling Objects

There’s an endless list of possible accidents that can happen in the workplace. You can step on sharp objects, items can fall from high places, or heavy objects can unexpectedly fall on and injure feet. Ordinary shoes can’t fully protect you in these circumstances.

With a strong built-in polycarbonate toe cap and anti-slip sole, our leather SafeLite Chelsea safety boots will protect your feet in hazardous environments prone to accidents.

3. Prepares For All Types Of Weather

The right safety boots can keep you comfortable and safe during various weather conditions. So whether it’s pouring with rain, freezing cold temperatures or a normal sunny day, our brown or black SafeLite Chelsea Safety boots will keep your feet warm, dry and ready to work in all types of weather.

4. Prevents Slips And Falls

Accidents can happen in the workplace, especially slips and falls. High-quality safety shoes with a strong grip can prevent potential accidents. That’s why we ensure that our SafeLite safety boot range has a dual-density polyurethane sole that provides excellent grip and is slip-resistant.

5. Convenient Slip On and Off

The SafeLite Chelsea Safety boot is also lace-free, so one can easily slide feet in and out of these safety boots. This can be especially beneficial for those in the trade industry who need to go from outside areas into indoor living areas without leaving dirty footprints behind.

At Neptun Boot, we provide a wide range of safety boots with the highest safety footwear certification available. Browse our range of safety boots and PVC gumboots or contact us to find out more.


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