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Tyres for Sale Which Tyre Brand is the Best

Tyres are an extremely important part of vehicle safety. They are something that should never be overlooked and should be replaced when necessary. Unfortunately, most drivers do not think about replacing tyres before catastrophe strikes. Whether it be a large puncture, or something as bad as a “blow-out”, most drivers only think about replacing their tyres at the last minute. This, in turn, means that most drivers do not plan for the expense of new tyres.

Off the bat, there are three brands that have consistently been named the best tyre brands in the world. Brand directory has ranked them in the following order:

  1. Michelin
  2. Bridgestone
  3. Continental

Trusted Brands vs No-Name Tyres

If you are deciding between brand or no-name tyres, there are a few pros and cons of each that you should keep in mind.

An obvious pro for no-name tyres is the low-price tag. They are cheap, but they also have the potential of being low quality, which means they will wear faster. Therefore, replacements are needed more frequently.

Brand name tyres last longer because they are made with better materials that are more durable. Brand name tyres have the benefit of updated tyre technology. Brand name tyres generally have a deeper and thicker tread, ensuring handling is better in extreme weather conditions. The braking distance on brand name tyres is also shorter, resulting in a higher level of safety on the road.


Will Your Insurance Pay-Out for Cheap Tyres?

According to an article written by Business Insider in 2019, some tyre dealers are spreading rumours that your insurance will not cover an accident if all the tyres on your vehicles are not exactly the same, or if you have no-name tyres. This is not true, and is only a tactic to upsell customers. However, it is recommended to avoid mixing tyres across the same axle. This is because the difference in tread and tyre construction can be dangerous.

 There are two main tyre build variations, they are known as radial-ply and cross-ply. Each has a different way in which it carries weight and stress. If these tyre builds are mixed, there won’t be a dependable stress tolerance between your tyres. This can result in blowouts and tyre damage which could cause an accident.


If you are fitting different variations of tyres on your vehicle, ensure that you fit the same tyres on one axel. This will provide a bit more stability and safety.

It should be mentioned that insurance companies might be reluctant to pay out, and can, refuse a claim if your tyres are not up to standard. It is also advisable to change your tyres every six years, or whenever the tread is noticeably worn down.


Can Tyres for Sale Online be Trusted?

Buying tyres online is a viable option. The drawback is that you will not have an expert advising you on which tyre will be best suited to your car, or your driving habits. If you are going to buy your tyres online, there are a few tricks to keep in mind to ensure you end up with a safe, and satisfactory result.

  • Know the correct tyre size for your car.
  • Buy new tyres in pairs of 2 or 4 to ensure you have the same set on the same axle.
  • Stick to your current tyre brand and size, this will ensure the tyre works perfectly for your car.


How to Spot Counterfeited Tyres

Whether you have decided to buy tyres online, or are buying tyres from a dealer, there is always a chance of encountering counterfeits, especially if you aren’t buying from a well-known dealership. To ensure that you do not get ripped off, here are a few tips on how to check for a counterfeit tyre, and ensure you get the real deal.

  • Ensure the brand name on the tyre is spelt correctly.
  • Brand name tyres should have packaging and paperwork indicating the warranty, etc.
  • There should be numbering and information on the sidewalls of the tyres.
  • The tyre should be strong. If you kick it and it seems flimsy, it’s probably a counterfeit.


Typical Tyre Prices in South Africa

Depending on where you buy your tyres, and whether or not they are branded, tyre prices can vary dramatically. Ensure that you shop around, while keeping an eye out for quality. This way you will have a variety of options to choose from.

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