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All About the Animals: The Wildlife Translocation Association

In recent times the plight of various endangered animal species has been highlighted, especially that of the rhinoceros. Organisations have tried various ways of protecting these endangered species. The most effective solution is to move them to secure locations. This is what the Wildlife Translocation Association (WTA) is all about.

Who are they?

The WTA is an association made up of professional volunteer game capturers and other role-players within the wildlife capture and translocation industry. The members of the WTA come from both the private and government sectors. These professionals contribute to an annual translocation rate of approximately 130 000 game animals.


Their purpose

The WTA was founded to facilitate communication and cooperation between private enterprises and nature conservation authorities. The goal for this enhanced communication and cooperation was to improve ethical and professional standards in the industry, especially with the increase in animal rights violations and concerns.


Part of this purpose and mission involves improving the standards of education and qualifications in this industry. The WTA is working towards refining tertiary training and education programmes to better equip wildlife workers and managers for dealing with wild game animals. They are also putting a particular emphasis on training for the proper use of veterinary pharmaceuticals as a valuable tool in wildlife translocation.

The WTA has also made significant progress into setting up contractual agreements with provincial authorities to implement and manage permits and wildlife conservation policies. There is already a system in place for WTA members to attain permit books in order to transport game animals between farms in the provinces of Gauteng and the Free State – these permits cannot be used for transporting animals across borders though.

The WTA’s main concern as an association, though, is the proper treatment of the animals being transported. To this end they are working towards the mission of improving the standards and requirements of operating ethics and professionalism in game capture and transport units. This will, ideally, ensure that animal welfare concerns are properly addressed.

To learn more about the Wildlife Translocation Association and their goals, or to get involved in this noble cause, go to their website and see what they are all about. If you are interested in any other causes, have a look at organisations like the WTA on the Agrifood SA directory.

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