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Pannar planting season

Planting Has Started and Pannar Wishes All Farmers Success for The Coming Season!

Pannar wishes all farmers success for the coming season! Our farmers are stalwarts who tackle each new season every year with faith and hope, regardless of what nature and life throw their way. Farming requires perseverance and hard work, and a crop’s success depends on continuous attention, control, and correction throughout the entire process of planting and cultivating.

Farming is a profession that involves taking on multiple roles at once, and no farmer is just a farmer. On top of farming, a farmer is a veterinarian, botanist, mechanic, accountant, marketing expert, and high-stakes risk manager.

A farmer is a respected business person and valued individual in his/her community who preserves the environment for future generations.


For these reasons and more, the people of Pannar are unwavering in their devotion to the farmer. Together we farm for your future.




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