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PANNAR SEED is a dynamic South African seed group with research and development at its core. It is one of the largest field crop seed producers and suppliers in Africa and is a significant and respected member of the international seed industry.

PANNAR has been in the African seed business since its inception in Greytown, South Africa in 1958. Operating from Greytown in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, PANNAR was the first private company to introduce its own maize hybrids in South Africa in the 1960s. Over the years it has expanded its research and commercial activities into various other crops and territories.

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PANNAR’s Global Activities 

Although PANNAR’s main business activities today remain in Africa, it is also actively involved, through its own companies and infrastructure, in research activities in the United States and research and commercial activities in Argentina. In Europe and the US PANNAR focuses mainly on the licensing of maize and sunflower genetics to European companies. PANNAR also conducts licensing and sales activities to companies in various other countries around the world. 

PANNAR has its own companies in eight countries in Africa, outside South Africa and sells into many others. It has five modern research stations in Southern Africa, plus two winter locations in South Africa. Seed is produced and processed in South Africa and in five of the other countries in Africa in which PANNAR operates. There are two maize research stations in the US, whilst the station in Argentina works with maize, sunflower and grain sorghum.  Sophisticated laboratory facilities, including pathology and biotechnology, are an integral part of the research resources of PANNAR. 

PANNAR’s extensive research activities in Africa over many years have resulted in a unique genetics library of proprietary white and yellow maize germplasm particularly well adapted to growing conditions in South Africa and various other countries in Africa, offering good resistance and/or tolerance to African pests and diseases. 

While maize is the most important part of PANNAR’s overall business, PANNAR also conducts very successful breeding programmes and commercial activities in other crops. These include wheat, sunflower, grain sorghum, forage sorghum, soybeans and dry beans. In addition PANNAR also sells an extensive range of pasture crops. 


PANNAR SEED is a longstanding and proud partner of farmers across Africa.

We have worked tirelessly since our inception in Greytown, South Africa in 1958 to bring farmers a broad crop seed portfolio, comprising maize, sunflower, soybeans, dry beans, grain sorghum, wheat and forage crops.

Since partnering with Corteva™ Agriscience (then DuPont) in 2013, PANNAR is better placed than ever to provide improved varieties that are important to meeting the continent’s challenge of feeding over two billion more people in Africa over the next few decades.

We draw on our vast experience of local farming conditions and practices to help farmers to manage the risks and challenges that surround them and optimise their yields, while they do their part to grow food for Africa, because TOGETHER WE FARM FOR THE FUTURE.

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Seed Technology



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We have our finger on the pulse of technological advancement in farming. Enjoy our calculators and tools listed below and do visit again to see what new and useful tools we have added to make your farming operation run even smoother!

Agronomy Services


It takes a large community of exceptional experts to feed a nation – comprising farmers most importantly, but also specialists in seed technology, agro-chemicals, mechanisation, soil science, marketing and markets to name only a few. We are proud to be an integral member of this community.


PANNAR is committed to supporting farmers by providing first-class products and expertise. We strive to deliver tailored advice and service through our team of experienced sales representatives and agronomists. To this end, we have developed the PANNAR® SPROUT™ mobile app to put farming at your fingertips. There is always something new and useful in the pipeline to simplify your farming operations.It is a must-have for all grain crop farmers.

The PANNAR® Sprout™ mobile app has proved a great technical support to farmers in Africa since its launch in 2015. The app continuously evolves in response to our farmer’s needs and we are now pleased to bring you PlantDr - Sprout’s latest and most sophisticated feature yet.

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