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How to Choose the Right No Till Planters for Sale in South Africa

Choosing the right no till planter for sale in South Africa can be challenging. It is a large investment, but will prove to be an asset for any no tillage farming operation. No till planters from Piket Implements are designed to grant all farmers a successful planting season.

What Are the Benefits of No Tillage Farming?

No tillage farming that makes use of no till planters has benefits across all of the climates in which farmland is scattered across South Africa. Basically, no tillage farming doesn’t plow fields immediately after harvesting, allowing the soil to rest and recover before the new crop is planted via less invasive means from no till planters.

No till planters and farming practices are well suited to soil that is unable to drain properly with a regular plow. Less erosion takes place as well as rich soil ready to be planted in the next season. Farmers are able to conserve the soils moisture, which in arid areas of South Africa, is imperative to successful operations. Each season the soil improves in terms of its structure, health and nutrient content to aid in eliminating soil erosion.

Choosing the Right No Till Planters for Sale in South Africa

When looking for the right no till planters for your needs you may choose to use an agricultural directory to concisely explore your options. A good no till planter will be sold with some kind of guarantee, so be on the lookout for benefits that stretch further than the purchase date. Carel van Niekerk Engineering Works manufactures and repairs Piket Implements to ensure your no till planting and the equipment you require is always in tip-top shape. Picket Implements is widely known and used across Africa including South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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