Piket Implements

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Piket equipment is manufactured in South Africa and is designed and adapted for Africa's soil conditions. They supply a wide variety of minimum-till and no-till seed planters as well as conventional planters. The simple and robust design is very suitable for Africa's demanding conditions.

The planters can plant the following crops:

  • Grain crops & larger seeds (maize, wheat, oats, soya beans, etc)
  • Grazing and fine seeds (teff, lucerne, smitsfinger, rye grass, canola, etc)
  • No-till or conventional


Piket Implements rely on the manufacturing and repairs of Piket equipment.

The company has the leading expertise and highest technological standards to manufacture a wide range of tools of the highest quality.

The brand name, Piket Implements, is already widely known for reliable machinery, even in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

1-row, 2-row, 3-row, 4-row, 5-row or 6-row Piket Economy No Till Maize Planter
1.8m, 2.3m or 2.8m Fine Seed Planter
6-row, 8-row or 10-row No Till Fine Seed Planter or Cover Crop Disc Planter
14-row or 20-row No Till Fine Seed Planter
20-row Hydraulic Notill Drill


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