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Wooden Pole Suppliers: Buy According to SANS Specifications

Even though one might think that manufacturing wooden poles is simple, it is not. There are many complications that can take place and as with any material that will be used for construction they need to be of a certain quality and standard. This is to ensure the safety of those who come in contact with the wooden poles and the constructions they are used for. From the integrity of the wood itself to the treatment of the wood, there are certain guidelines and specifications that must be adhered to.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of wood poles, what treatment is used on these poles, what influences the pricing of wood poles, and where to find wood pole suppliers that adhere to SANS standards.


Types of Wooden Poles

There are many applications for wooden poles, whether for building, fencing, agricultural use, or as transmission poles. Each industry and use has its own specifications indicating what the manufacturing and treatment quality should adhere to in order to produce a durable product. Brits Poles is a SANS accredited manufacturer, ensuring you receive high-quality poles for your project. Brits Poles has three types of poles available for purchase.


Transmission Poles

Transmission poles are typically used to develop and support electricity distribution, fibre networks, and other telecom applications. Transmission poles are extremely durable and weather resistant. The poles are treated with Creosote or CCA depending on the client's preference. Creosote is a wood preservative that is oil-based and applied with both heat and pressure whereas CCA (also known as Copper Chrome Arsenate) is applied with pressure at moderate temperatures. CCA is also composed of a concentrate that has been diluted with water to reach the necessary consistency for application. Brits Poles manufacture their transmission poles according to the guidelines and specifications indicated by SANS:754.


Building and Fencing Poles

Building and fencing poles have many applications including DIY projects such as building a Lapa; however, they are very popular within the agricultural industry as they are often used to construct vineyards. Brits Poles are able to manufacture and provide building and fencing poles that are untreated or treated with either Creosote or CCA. Different degrees of treatment are also available, depending on how the client intends to use the pole. All of their poles are manufactured according to the guidelines and specifications indicated in SANS:457-3 and SANS:1288.


Droppers and Laths

Droppers and laths consist of poles that are thinner than other variants. Their use ranges from decorative wind breaks to fences and thatch construction. They are typically treated with either Creosote or CCA to an H3 specification. This means that the poles will be used above ground and will not be in contact with the ground, such as when one is constructing a thatch roof. The droppers and laths produced by Brits Poles are manufactured according to the specification indicated in SANS:1288.


Wooden Pole Price South Africa 

Depending on the type of wood used, whether the poles have been treated or not, if one is buying in bulk or not, and many other factors. To find out what the price for an order of poles would be, it is best to contact your chosen pole provider to receive a quote.


Where to Find Wooden Poles for Sale

Brits Poles can assist you with all your building and transmission pole requirements. They are conveniently located within the North West province, close to both Gauteng and Botswana. They supply across South Africa as well as export their poles to other African countries. A commercial and industrial range of wood products are also available should you require products such as shavings, dunnage, slab poles, or guardrail posts.

Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about Brits Poles and how they can assist you in finding the right product for your project.

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