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Hunting lodges in South Africa

Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hunting Lodge in South Africa

Choosing the right hunting lodge in South Africa can make or break your trip; there are multiple factors to keep in mind to ensure that you have the best time. The easiest way to determine what hunting lodge will suit your needs is to make a list of what you need and check off what each lodge you’re looking into has to offer.


Size of Accommodation

Are you headed on a solo hunting mission, or going with a large group? You need to find suitable accommodation that fits the atmosphere of the trip; it may be an ultra-social event that requires joined accommodation, or it could be a small group that likes the privacy of their own room. Many hunting lodges have remote accommodation out in the wild, while others have a more commercial feel. It’s best to review photos of the facilities, as well as reviews on their websites to get a feel for whether the lodge is the right fit.  


Hunting Lodge Facilities

To make sure that the trip is everything you want and more, you’ll need to be completely prepared. Some hunting lodges in South Africa are self-catering, and oftentimes very basic (sometimes there is only a braai area). Other hunting lodges may have a restaurant on-site or a kitchen that visitors may use to cook. You’ll need to find out what sort of facilities they have so you can pack accordingly and know what to expect.


Hunting Lodge Equipment

If you don’t have your own equipment to hunt with, you’ll need to find out whether the hunting lodge supplies what you want. Whether you’re planning to hunt with a bow, a rifle, or another weapon, it’ll be best to ask the lodge beforehand whether they stock what you’re after. Other equipment and services may include processing your kill once you’ve brought it back – many hunters don’t want to process their own meat, so they ask staff on the lodge to do it for them.


Hunting Lodge Specials in South Africa

Many hunting lodges will offer special prices, especially during hunting season. When it comes to booking a hunting excursion, you’ll need to factor in the pricing of accommodation, what’s included and excluded, and what your bill may look like in the end, especially after a successful hunt. Different animals will cost different amounts (more information below), so budget properly and do your research so you’re not shocked by the final invoice. Most hunting lodges will also require a deposit – be sure that the dates are reasonably flexible in case something comes up and you can’t make your booking date.


Hunting Packages South Africa

As mentioned, you can expect each animal to cost a different amount. Prices may vary from lodge to lodge, but typically pricing looks like:

  • Impala – R5500
  • Zebra - R13 600
  • Kudu - R 34 000+
  • Blesbok – R6000
  • Gemsbok – R16 000
  • Red Hartebeest – R20 000
  • Sable – R81 000+


For more information on hunting lodges in South Africa, and to find hunting equipment, visit our directory.


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