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Massey Ferguson: Spares, Products, and Quality Apparatus

Massey Ferguson: Spares, Products, and Quality Apparatus

In the 21st century, farming has become an entirely different ballgame. Ploughing, harvesting, and baling isn't an activity or task that is manually performed anymore. Historically, if a field was to be prepared for planting, early farmers would make use of sticks to dig furrows into the ground. After this, the hoe was invented and many years after that the plough came into being.  The plough was invented to be hooked up to and pulled by a domesticated animal such as a camel or oxen. While some small-scale farmers still make use of animal-drawn ploughs due to financial restrictions, electric ploughs have become the preferred method of ploughing one’s field.


The same evolution has occurred with most farming and agricultural equipment which is why we will be discussing different types of farming equipment in this article. We will also explore why Massey Furgeson is the agricultural machinery brand that you should be opting for and where to find spare parts should you need them.


Massey Furgeson Equipment

Massey Furgason is a brand that designs, manufactures, and sells agricultural machinery on a global scale. They have a wide variety of high-quality equipment to choose from, that have ranges suited to different types of agriculture. For example, one would make use of a different tractor when farming livestock or vegetable crops. Some of the equipment manufactured and sold by Massey Furgeson include, but are not limited to:



A tractor is a bit of a “jack of all trades”, assisting in the mechanisation of various tasks in the agricultural industry. A tractor is a vehicle that has extremely high torque while producing low speeds. This allows it to perform tasks such as hauling other agricultural machinery to its destination or till the ground.


Combine Harvesters

Combine harvesters are three in one harvesting machines that have been specifically designed for grain crops. They are able to reap, thresh, and winnow grain as it harvests it, ensuring the process is much faster and more efficient than other outdated methods. These machines have also made harvesting more cost-effective as the number of labourers decreases and the straw left behind from harvesting can be sold as livestock feed. 



Balers are typically used to cut, rake, and compress hay into compact bales that can be easily stored and transported. Another benefit of baling is that hay retains its nutrients for longer periods of time after harvesting, ensuring that livestock is properly fed and healthy.



A telehandler is a machine that lifts and places bales. As bales are heavy and often times big, awkward shapes, they are difficult to move around on the field or stack in a barn for storage. In earlier years it would require more than one worker to move it around. With the invention of the telehandler, one worker can operate the piece of machinery, quickly shifting, lifting, stacking, and storing the bales in place.



Planters, as their name suggests, are agricultural machines that plant a crop’s seeds for you. The introduction of planters has substantially reduced the amount of time it takes to sow a field and reduced the cost of employing multiple workers to prepare a field.


Why Choose Massey Furgeson?

Massey Furgeson is a leader within the agricultural machinery industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation and practicality. They produce high-quality machinery that will last you a lifetime if maintained well and handled with care.


Why You Would Need Massey Ferguson Spare Parts?

As with all devices and equipment, parts experience wear and tear as they are used. With enough wear and tear, a part will eventually need to be replaced. A replacement will be required faster if a piece of equipment is not maintained regularly and correctly.


Where to Find Massey Ferguson Spares South Africa?

When the time comes to replace a part on your tractor, baler, planter or any other agricultural machinery, it can be difficult to source the correct part and have someone install it for you.  If you are in need of a Massey Furgeson spare part, Drakensberg Agricultural Services has got you covered. They are a dealership and workshop that will be able to solve your problem for you with ease.


To find out more about Drakensberg Agricultural Services, visit the AgrifoodSA directory!

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