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Agrifood_Find Affordable Used Trucks and Heavy Equipment, Even After a Fuel Hike

Find Affordable Used Trucks and Heavy Equipment, Even After a Fuel Hike


After a fuel increase, you may find it hard to justify the purchase of a brand new asset. Luckily, for agricultural and logistics companies, there are a range of alternatives that will suit your budget, have a look at quality used trucks and heavy equipment for sale instead.

Why Buy Used Trucks and Heavy Equipment?

Opting to buy used trucks and other heavy assets instead of purchasing them as new can present you with massive saving opportunities. As long as you look for trustworthy and experienced traders, you will have access to cost-effective used trucks for sale, as well as a range of other heavy equipment and assets from leading brands. In addition to this, by saving your budget, you will have the opportunity to expand your fleet more often.

How Else Can You Save?

Other than purchasing great-quality used trucks, you can save your budget even further by implementing small, practical changes that could have a considerable impact on how much you save. Some tips include:

  • Ensure that your wheels are correctly aligned as incorrect alignment can cause higher consumption
  • Discourage speeding as this consumes more fuel
  • Do not postpone mechanical services as parts that need repairing could be increasing your consumption
  • Get logistics or asset management software that can help you stay in control of the use of your assets
  • Get cash for used trucks that you own but are no longer using and get more budget to upgrade

Where to Buy Used Trucks and Equipment in South Africa?

If you’re looking for used trucks for sale, or you want cash for used trucks or other assets, have a look at Truck & Plant Connection who offer the best deals on used trucks and equipment at the best prices. Find other dealers on our directory, where we help you find the products and services you need.

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