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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours, Especially In Agriculture

A famous poet, Robert Frost, once wrote a poem about two farmers mending a wall between their farms. When asked why they were doing this, the one man simply said “Good fences make good neighbours.” And that is still true today, in more ways than you might think.

Steer clear of border disputes

While most agricultural products are focused on aiding and improving agricultural production, good timber fencing makes an excellent divider between property lines. While production is extremely important, avoiding the legal and other problems of boundary disputes will also help you to stay focused on what really matters.

Another benefit of having a solid fence between you and your neighbours is that it prevents your livestock from mixing. That way you avoid accusations of theft, unplanned interbreeding and it could even help prevent the spread of diseases between the different livestock populations.

Keep your land organised

Many farmers and farming suppliers today work with multiple products in their agricultural space. This can be a variety of crops or livestock, or even a variety of both. While that diversity is a great way to make sure you have a host of opportunities for business and strategies like companion planting, this can become quite disorganised.

With some sturdy, simple timber fencing from a local farming supplier you can quickly and easily demarcate specific areas for certain agricultural products or activities. From pens for your livestock and planting zones for specific crops, you’ll be able to tell what goes where so that you never run the risk of losing track of your goods again. You will also save time by knowing where everything is, which allows for better planning.

Keeping your livestock away from your crops

Have you ever considered that your livestock and crops are technically neighbours? The only difference is that crops are far more at risk of being trampled and eaten by your livestock, which is why keeping them separate is a good idea.

A solid timber fence, made to the correct height, painted for protection from the elements and pressure treated against rot and insect damage, you’ll have a sturdy barrier to keep your plants safe. It could also help save your livestock from eating potentially harmful plants (if they can eat a plastic packet, they can and will eat anything).

Where can you find a reliable timber farming supplier?

Look no further than F.A.R. Timbers. All of their materials are approved by the SABS, and for lasting power they are also pressure treated for safety from rot and insects and painted with a quality exterior coat to reduce weathering.

Contact F.A.R. Timbers to see to your fencing needs. Need anything else? Have a look at our AgriFoodSA Directory for a comprehensive list of farming suppliers in South Africa and see what other agricultural products are on offer.

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