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Trusted and Reliable Air Compressor Suppliers in Pretoria

Air compressors aren’t something we often think of; however, they are widely used to facilitate a multitude of functions within our society. From scuba diving, to engines and even agriculture, air compressors are everywhere.

An air compressor takes power and converts it into potential energy. This potential energy is stored within the compressed or pressurised air that is in the tank. It does this by forcing air into the storage tank and building the pressure until it has reached its upper limit and capacity. Once it has reached this point the compressor will automatically shut down.

In this article, we will discuss where to find trusted and reliable air compressor suppliers in Pretoria, as well as the types of air compressors available, and how to choose the right air compressor for your requirements. 


Types of Air Compressors

For each application, there is a type of air compressor that can do the job perfectly. Despite the many types of air compressors that are on the market there are two categories under which air compressors exist. These two categories are positive displacement and dynamic displacement. The distinction between the two are determined by their internal mechanisms.

  • Positive Displacement: A positive displacement air compressor creates and works with a constant flow. In these compressors, the air is sucked into a single or multiple compression chambers. The chambers are sealed from the place of entry. As the volume of the chambers decrease, the pressure increases, causing compression. The volume decreases via the displacement of moving parts.
  • Dynamic Displacement: A dynamic displacement air compressor functions at a constant pressure. In this system, air is drawn in, between high-velocity exhilaration blades which rotates the air until the air is discharged via a diffuser. This kinetic energy is then turned into static pressure.


The Importance of Maintenance

As air compressors are such an important part of many industries and the functionality of so many tools and machinery it is imperative that they never malfunction in a time of need. In order to prevent this from happening, regular preventative maintenance must be performed on your compressors. It is advisable to set up a maintenance schedule for your air compressors as this will ensure that any issues or potential problems are dealt with ahead of time. This will also save you money as production will not have to halt due to a broken air compressor.

It is advisable to make use of an experienced air compressor provider when servicing your compressors.


Is a 100 Litre Air Compressor for Sale a Good Buy?

Deciding on the correct size when looking at and choosing an air compressor is crucial and complicated. There are many factors that can determine which type of compressor you need to fulfil your requirements. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Pressure: It is important to determine and understand the pressure that is needed for your specific requirements. The measurement used to determine this psi (pressure per square inch). You will need to calculate how much pressure you would need at any given time to perform your tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • Flow: After the pressure has been calculated one needs to determine what length of time is required to complete the tasks in question. In order to get an accurate calculation, it is advised to perform a compressed air audit. These audits can usually be performed by an air compression specialist.
  • Duty Cycle: Lastly it is important to figure out what duty cycle you require. One can work out the duty cycle by using the values found when determining the required pressure and flow.


Air Compressors for Sale in Pretoria

When deciding between air compressor providers it is important to ensure that the supplier is able to assess your unique requirement, recommend the correct air compressor, install it for you and perform regular maintenance on the compressor. Air Service Centre can provide all of these services and more. They also have a combined industry experience of 97 years, ensuring that you are in knowledgeable hands.


To find out more about Air Service Centre, visit the AGRIFOODSA directory.


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