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In Pursuit of Precision? Start Smart with an Intelligent Farming System

For famers who are looking for modern and smart solutions for complete crop management and efficiency, intelligent precision farming might be the way to go. Using an intelligent farming system, farmers across South Africa can start revolutionising the agricultural industry.

What is Intelligent Precision Farming?

Intelligent precision farming is exactly that, farming, but more precisely. Precision farming is the integration and use of intelligent farming systems to collect accurate spatial data on crops.

This technology uses a combination of GPS receivers, monitors, sensors, and aerial mapping and software solutions, among other products, to get precise positioning data for farmers to use. This data allows farmers to increase productivity, reduce inputs and maximise their yield potential by improving each phase of their farming operations.

What is an Intelligent Farming System?

An intelligent farming system is a smart solution that is developed by precision agriculture experts in order to give farmers a simple, easy-to-use way to farm more intelligibly. To deploy an intelligent farming solution, farmers can reach out to proven precision farming solution providers, such as Topcon Precision Agriculture.  Products that are used to form an intelligent farming system include:

  • GNSS and Network Solutions
  • Field Controllers
  • Lasers, Levels and Theodolites
  • Mapping Drones
  • Crop Sensing Technology, and more.

How to Start Intelligent Farming in South Africa?

For farmers to kick-start their journey to precision, they should look for experts in intelligent farming in South Africa. Using experts that are listed on SA’s biggest agricultural directory, farmers can quickly make contact with the professionals they need in order to farm more intelligibly and more precisely.

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