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Sub-Sahara Power Distributors

SDMO is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of European generating sets, and specialises in the design of world leading standby, prime or base load diesel driven generator sets.

This European built product is produced in a specialised 45 000 square meter production facility in Brest, France, where 20mW can be produced and tested at once. The team of over 100 Engineers in SDMO has the ability to design and engineer from the simplest standalone option, to a 200 Mega Watt Utility power plant. The production facility at SDMO has enabled Sub-Sahara Power Distributors to have a storage facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. Units ranging from 1kVA up to 1.1 MVA standby are kept to the convenience of all the Distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Sub-Sahara Power Distributors’ reputation for quality products, coupled with quality services, has further broadened its export market. Sub-Sahara Power Distributors are well represented in the SADC region through a network of distributors. Sub-Sahara Power Distributors is committed to supplying you with the energy source to accompany you in the successful completion of each of your projects all over Sub Saharan Africa. The proximity of their distribution network and dynamism of their customer services policy enables Sub-Sahara Power Distributors to be a powerful force, and provide the basis of the company values.



The pioneering mindset of Sub-Sahara Power Distributors’ experienced teams, and the mastery and flexibility of their production methods of SDMO, mean that there is always constant innovation beyond expectations.

With over ten years of experience in the Generator business, and a very strong relationship with SDMO, Sub-Sahara Power Distributors understands the need to provide quality energy source at competitive prices. The company thrives on a solid well-structured customer base that is particular on quality products and exceptional service.

Sub-Sahara Power Distributors have dedicated and committed personnel, relentlessly striving to ensure we surpass our customer’s expectations in providing them with quality energy source tailor made to meet the needs of the 21st century technological advancement. Sub-Sahara Power Distributors embraces a culture of quality products at competitive prices.


Sub-Sahara Power Distributors boasts of strong relationships that have been built with their distribution network which ensure that end-user customers receive the best after sales service. The need to constantly innovate is a characteristic in Sub-Sahara Power Distributors’ culture of flexibility, technical excellence, superior quality and friendly but professional service. Our experienced technicians are constantly trained to perform technical modifications on our standard range such as sophisticated alarm systems, additional fuel tanks, synchronization, etc.



  • Kohler SDMO Diesel & Gas Generators
  • Industrial and Portable
  • 3KVA to 4200KVA  Mecc Alte Synchrous Alternators
  • 2 & 4 Pole Fiamm Batteries
  • Deep Cycle l=Led acid and Gel.AXI
  • Fuel polishing systemsOilguard9000
  • Fuel monitoring and management systems


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The pioneering mindset of Sub-Sahara Power Distributors’ experienced teams