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Animal Nutrition and Health

Innovative feeding: Animal Nutrition and Health

All living things need to eat to live, which is why humanity has been working on ways to improve food for centuries. While some have been working to improve the taste of food, the professional scientists at Animal Nutrition and Health have been working on healthy, beneficial animal feeds for nearly a decade now. They have realised that in order to have a healthy agricultural industry, we need healthy animals, and that requires quality nutrition.

Who ANH is

Animal Nutrition and Health (ANH) is an innovative company specialising in supplying vitamin/mineral premixes, concentrates/HPC’s silage inoculants, probiotics and other specialised products and services to the agricultural industry throughout Southern Africa. As leading suppliers and developers of animal nutrition products ANH sources the best possible products both locally and globally. Their team of experienced, specialist scientists are constantly working with the most advanced information and technology available to formulate and provide the very best for their clients.

The vision

ANH’s vision is to be the leading supplier of advanced feed-related products and services to the agricultural industry and its related industries. Part of this is their focus on providing value-adding nutritional products, health-enhancing products, as well as support and consulting services to help animal farmers bring out the best potential in their livestock.

One way in which ANH makes this a reality is through an effective cost: benefit ratio which allows them to offer the best quality products at competitive prices. In this way, they ensure that their customers get the best possible quality feed, compared to far more expensive brands, at a much more reasonable price. In this way, ANH is using their values of quality and service excellence and passion for value-adding – only a few of their many great values – to assist all Southern African farmers to produce the best possible products.

The products

ANH has a range of nutritional solutions available in various categories. These include both vitamin/mineral premixes and macro premixes for pigs, poultry and other species (Monogastric category), as well as for ruminants such as cattle, game and sheep. They also offer silage inoculants, phosphates, probiotics and Lactoshake (Fresh Cow supplement).

ANH’s motto is “scientific excellence in products and services in order to add value to our customers’ business!” Contact them today and let them put this into practice for you. For a range of other agricultural products and services, have a look at the AgriFoodSA Directory.

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Animal Nutrition & Health