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Global Leader In Silage Management


Based in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, but deliver nationwide and in neighbouring countries


Leading Edge started their business in 2009 and the majority of their clients are dairy farmers, which results in an array of areas where we can be of assistance. Their employees have over 25 years’ experience and knowledge in the dairy industry.  They attend international and national Dairy Expo’s to keep abreast with new innovations.  They strive to supply our clients with products and information where their needs arise. This can be anything from latex gloves to barn interior and silage covers. 


Product range:


  • Silostop® - Excludes oxygen from bunkers, minimizing dry matter losses, reducing spoilage and improving aerobic stability, producing quality silage. Inferior quality covers are unable to prevent oxygen penetration which causes yeasts, mould and airborne bacteria to grow.


Silostop® delivers excellent protection with no silage decay and subsequent losses. It is a multilayer, light and strong film, making it easy to handle. Its unique oxygen barrier properties are proven to be over 100 times more effective than conventional black polyethylene plastic.


  • Cow Welfare Flex Stall™ - The better the cows rest, the better they produce. And the best place to rest is in our flexible free stall.


The benefits of Flex Stall™:

  • It’s cow friendly. The cows are lying down faster than normal, which increases rest time and thereby increases daily cow milk production.
  • It’s flexible so that the cow gets zero injuries, but still sturdy enough to guide the cow.
  • It’s durable


  • Cow Welfare Flex Feed™ - Brings the freedom of grass fields into the barns. It is flexible barn equipment for the well-being of the cow.


     Cow Welfare Flex Feed™, is a revolutionary way to feed cows indoors.  With a flexibility of 30°, the feed barrier follows the cow’s movements and ensures that the cow is not going to get hurt. The flexibility at the same time gives the cow ability to reach longer out on the feeding table, which means that the cow will eat for a longer period without getting any injuries from the barn equipment.


For more information please contact:-

Andries Engelbrecht +27 (0) 83 263 9675 or Werner van der Merwe +27 (0) 83 700 2333

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