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OLI Solutions by Sectors in Vibration Technology

OLI Solutions by Sectors in Vibration Technology

OLI is the international leader in industrial vibration technology, providing clients around the world with industrial vibrators, electric vibrators, concrete consolidation, frequency converters and a vast range of products designed to adapt to multiple applications in the widest range of industrial sectors.


The company combines the quality of Italian know-how with a global strategy, allowing it to become one of the main sector players in the international field thanks to the contribution of an international network of business subsidiaries spanning all five continents.




Building & Construction:

OLI offers a range of specific components custom designed and manufactured for the particular requirements of industrial system planners in various sectors. Choosing our products, system planners are assured of combined excellent quality and top-level performance in operating efficiency.


Heavy Industries

For heavy industrial sectors, OLI has developed components with high technological content, in compliance with the most up-to-date requirements in industrial system design, capable of contributing to the efficiency of the most wide-ranging processes.


Feed & Food

There are numerous products in granular or powder formats in the feed sector which must be stored, mixed and moved inside complex industrial processes. In this sector, OLI provides a range of solutions for companies that produce feed and feed additives for farm animals and pet food.


Plastics & Chemicals

OLI proposes a range of external electric vibrating motors, pneumatic vibrators, hydraulic vibrators, aerator pads and other products designed and assembled to meet the specific needs of those who design systems to treat and process raw materials used in plastic production.



OLI offers specialised system components tailored to the specific requirements of project engineers of plants in various sectors. By selecting this specialised equipment, system designers have the assurance they will combine top quality and performance with the highest possible operating efficiency.


Plants & Machinery

For a wide range of machinery, systems and industrial processes, OLI offers to the market a range of electric vibrating motors, pneumatic vibrators, air cannons, aerator pads and nozzles and other applicable products, for example, on silos and tanks, dosage and packaging systems, sanding machinery, shot blast machinery and vibrating machinery, such as feeders, screens and sieves.


Environmental Technology

OLI’s technological solutions also cover the environmental sector, with solutions developed ad hoc following decades of experience gained through collaboration with important sector players.


Clients are always our priority

Great attention by the entire OLI Group team is given to establishing relations based on growth and mutual benefit with clients, which are always the focus and inspiration behind the business model and corporate development. Meeting clients’ needs is a priority, building a partnership based on trust is the end objective.


OLI can combine high levels of performance with consolidated reliability, adapting to market changes thanks to a range of excellent products for use in numerous applications. With ever-increasing innovation, OLI is a state-of-the-art company, constantly projecting towards the future.


Offering excellent customer service is a major priority for OLI: for this reason, the company guarantees order processing within 24 hours, giving clients around the world rapid access to the same level of quality in terms of product and service.

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OLI Solutions by Sectors in Vibration Technology | feed and feed additive