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Vibrating Screen in South Africa: Everything You Need to Know

Vibrating Screen In South Africa: Everything You Need To Know

Material processing and particle separation are essential processes for many industries. This process needs to be extremely accurate which is why one must invest in the best equipment and technology possible. The technology should not only deliver fantastic results but should also be of a high quality to ensure longevity. Vibrating screens are one of the best options on the market allowing you to perform the process faster and with more precision, while saving unnecessary wear and tear on other machinery. They also require less maintenance and downtime which is cost-effective in the long run.

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of a vibrating screen as well as how it works and what design elements have made it so efficient.


The Purpose of a Vibrating Screen

Bulk material processing plants make use of vibrating screens powered and supported by vibrating feeders and electric vibrators to separate and process particles. This process of screening material is applied in order to size, scalp, classify, dewater, deslurry, and remove dust from the desired material. Other than vibrating screens, there are different types of screens that are utilised depending on the desired outcome. Vibrating screens are however known to be the most versatile and important of them all. They are particularly popular and effective when applied within the mineral processing industry. The primary purpose of a vibrating screen is to separate a variety of particles into two or more groups differentiated by size.


Vibrating Screen Design

In order to fulfil its purpose, there are a few key design features that allow for a vibrating screen to perform effectively. These design elements consist of:

  • Uniform Apertures: The screen consists of a surface that is filled with apertures (holes) that are all uniform in size. This allows for particles of a certain size to fall through these holes. The material left will once again be processed and screened until the entire batch has been worked to the same size.
  • Screening Surface: The screening surface on a vibrating screen is typically rectangular. The screen will also have a feed on one end and an oversize discharge on the other end.
  • The Vibration: The vibration of the screen is what allows for increased accuracy and efficiency of processing. It does this by reducing the friction caused by internal particle-to-particle cohesion as well as the friction between the materials and the container walls.
  • The Incline: Vibrating screens are typically set at an incline which allows for a predictable and smooth flow of material through the vibration screen.


How Does a Vibrating Screen Work?

A vibrating screen is typically powered and vibrated by a vibrating assembly. As the material is fed onto the vibrating screen the vibration throws particles up and off of the screening surface. This allows the particle to shift its positioning. This is especially important for certain particles that might be oddly shaped and can fit through the apertures at one angle but not another.

Nearsized particles also tend to get lodged in the apertures which prevent other smaller particles from sifting through and ultimately reduces the efficiency of the process. The vibration significantly reduces the frequency of this occurrence.

The vibration emitted from the screen also reduces and breaks the internal friction present with the particles. This is what ultimately allows the smaller particles to shift to the bottom while the larger particles remain at the top.

All of these aspects found within a vibrating screen contribute to the efficiency of screening; measured by the degree of perfection of separation.


Finding Vibrating Screens in South Africa

Union Engineering is a company that specialises in precision engineering, metal fabrication, and particle separation. Their ethos consists of work excellence and ethical conduct which has propelled them to become a leading supplier of technologically advanced, cost-effective. and efficient particle separation equipment. Their vibrating screens are well known for their high degree of precision and efficiency. This level of perfection allows your material processing plant to operate quickly and accurately.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about how Union Engineering can ensure ease of particle separation.


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