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Keeping Up With The Times

There is a common misconception both in and around agriculture in South Africa that farming is a primitive practice, and that farmers are still using tools like animal-drawn ploughs. This is a total misunderstanding because there is so much more to modern agricultural machinery.

Advancements in tractor technology

Many people still believe that a tractor is the most advanced tool on farms today, and that all a tractor does is drive around and tow trailers or other vehicles. Agricultural machinery has developed much further than this, with many tractors coming standard with more advanced electronic systems than some luxury cars. One example of such advancements is the GPS systems available in tractors today.

There are GPS systems on tractors that can map out and record every detail from where the tractor has travelled, and when, to where it needs to go and even when to refuel. This is particularly useful for agriculture in South Africa, as our climatic and geographical conditions place certain limitations on aspects such as planting. But with these advanced systems implemented into tractors and other equipment, such as planters, farmers can map out exactly where each seed needs to be planted and with how much fertiliser. From there, your agricultural machinery can easily do all of this for you automatically while you use them.

Great technology needs great support

As with anything of quality, support is a necessary part of keeping things running. Agricultural machinery today needs everything from mechanical support and servicing to computer specialists and diagnostic tools. Dicla Farm & Seed is a great source of assistance for agriculture in South Africa in this way, with their specialisation in farming equipment and implements (along with various other services and equipment offerings). By making use of after sales support and services farmers have a means of keeping their tractors running in peak condition, as well as making sure that they have the best possible implements to suit their individual needs.

Another great offering from Dicla Farm & Seed is their Agriseta and SAQUA accredited training centre. The fact is that the support involved in making the best use of agricultural machinery is not only about keeping the machinery operating in peak condition, it is also about having competent operators who can use it well. Training is a great way of making sure that you and your operators are fully aware of how to operate the necessary machinery efficiently and safely.

Contact Dicla Farm & Seed to see how they can help you keep up with the times and make the most of your agricultural machinery. For anything else, the AgriFoodSA directory is your source for all things related to agriculture in South Africa.

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