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Why an Egg Sorter is Important to Poultry Farmers

Eggs are a staple ingredient in the diets of many cultures across the globe. They are cheap and provide a good dose of protein to one’s diet. However, before they arrive at the grocery store and onto your plate they go through a complicated process to ensure that they are fit for consumption.

In this article, we will explain what an egg sorter is, why egg sorting is important, the benefits that an egg sorting machine can provide poultry farmers, as well as where to find one.


What is an Egg Sorter?

Egg sorting is also known as egg grading. This is the process of sorting eggs into different grades. Therefore they would separate the eggs into small, medium, large, extra large, jumbo, and super jumbo. This is mainly determined by the size and weight of the egg.  Eggs are also graded according to their quality and are graded as Grade 1 (A), Grade 2 (B), and Grade 3 (C). The grade of an egg is determined by the quality of the egg's white and yolk. This is done to prevent the sale of eggs that are too watery. An egg sorter is a machine that has been designed and manufactured to be able to sort and grade eggs.


Why is Egg Sorting Important?

Egg sorting is important as it determines and separates eggs into grades of quality. This ensures that a consumer doesnt get a faulty egg that is not fit for consumption. A bad egg can be dangerous to consume and negatively affect someone's health. It is also important to sort out the eggs that are already cracked, contain blood, or perhaps have a deformation.


How Does an Egg Sorter Work?

Eggs are typically loaded onto a conveyor belt. The eggs are then conveyed to a section that is able to detect cracks, blood, mildew, whether or not the egg is stale, and other such issues that might deem the egg as undesirable. The eggs that are graded as healthy to consume are then conveyed to another section where the machine sorts them according to weight and size. Once the eggs are grouped correctly they are all placed in the same position with their point down for easy packaging. Once the eggs have been packaged they will be ready to be shipped off and be sold.


The Benefits of an Egg Sorter Machine

Egg sorting used to be a manual task that was performed by employees. This was however time-consuming and often cost poultry farmers more as they had to pay for extra labour. Egg sorting machines make the process run faster and smoother while allowing for them to have a smaller employee headcount. Depending on the size of the poultry farm and the number of eggs they need to process, the farmer will invest in different machine sizes. Some of the smaller machines will be able to process 27,000 eggs per hour, whereas large machines will be able to process up to 254,500 eggs per hour. Thus, one will save time and money while increasing on accuracy when one purchases an egg sorting machine.


Where to Find an Egg Sorter for Sale

Ovitech is a South African based company that specialises in providing poultry farmers with the correct equipment and machinery to easily and efficiently sort and package their eggs. They ship their products to anywhere in South Africa, making their high-quality machines available to all poultry farmers in the country. They represent a variety of well-known and highly respected poultry solutions companies, ensuring that you receive high-quality products that have been well tested. Whether you need a sorting machine or something as simple as egg pallets they have got it all.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about Ovitech and ensure that you have the correct equipment for your poultry farm.

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