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The Benefits Of Load Cells In South African Agriculture

Load cells are used in South African agriculture for a multitude of applications that helps farmers get accurate measurements of the things which influence and often determine their income. This article discusses the benefits of load cells on the farm.

Safeguarding Yields

Agricultural produce is sold at a weight-price which is fixed for everything, from animal feed to fresh produce and poultry. You need your readings of large weights to maximise your profits and ensure that you are paid for every gram of the yield sold. Load cells are accurate to a T to confirm the price received for agricultural goods. Large load cells can even be used to weigh livestock if necessary.

Optimising Feed Distribution

The amount of feed required by livestock and poultry is carefully measured so that they receive their required daily nutrient intake, no more and no less. Load cells help farmers to ensure they are distributing the correct amount of feed by weight that has been determined by animal feed experts. This way farmers use the same amount of feed consistently for a final product the consumer expects and doesn’t have to over-spend on feed if it runs out too quickly. The ratios will be carefully calculated, weighed and distributed to ensure the farmer’s initial investment on the feed goes as far as it should.

Streamlined Fertiliser Application

Precision agriculture requires precision tools that allow for accuracy throughout all processes. A load cell is essential. Load cell and load cell services ensure the weight of fertiliser distributed onto fields sticks to the initial equation. Precision agriculture is made possible with load cells in South Africa like those made available by Loadtech Load Cells.

For more reliable precision tools for precision agriculture peruse our online agricultural directory.

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