Loadtech Load Cells

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Loadtech is the leading manufacturer and supplier of load cells in Southern Africa. Loadtech products range from robust industrial load cells, to the highest accuracy commercial load cells. The range extends from 300g to 500 ton with accuracies from 0.2% to 0.03%, most of which are available from stock.

Where standard load cells are not suitable, special load cells, or force sensors are designed and manufactured to fit your specific needs.

Loadtech Load Cells has an accredited explosion protection rating on various locally manufactured load cells.

The combination of own manufacture, and the extensive range of products from Vishay transducers, Vigia, Datum and Nobel, allows Loadtech Load Cells an unequaled degree of flexibility in offering weighing solutions.


When it comes to specialised weighing solutions, the company has over 50 year’s collective experience. Founded in 1987, Loadtech Load Cells has firmly established its reputation as a leader in quality load cell manufacturing. Technical application assistance with regard to your specific needs, and attention to detail, are unmatched in the industry..

Whether your requirement is for custom weighing systems, applications such as force measurement, center of gravity determination or crane weighing systems, Loadtech will provide an innovative and economical solution, staying by your side long after the sale.

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