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Going With The Flow

Agriculture in South Africa is driven by agricultural machinery to a large extent, but there is something vital that often lies forgotten underneath it all. Just as the human body needs veins to carry blood, our agricultural sector needs reliable pipes to keep things flowing!

Keep up the pressure

Every time you turn the tap and water flows out, you take it for granted. And it should work, yes, but this is only possible with effective pipes in place. Pipes that are specifically designed to handle pressurised liquid flow are essential to agriculture in South Africa, because it is how you get water to your home, crops and cattle.

One of the most common sights on a farm is those large pipes that carry water from pumps to the necessary distribution points. Agricultural machinery such as pumps (or even gravity applications) have specific pressure requirements for the connected pipes, and something like DPI Plastic’s Duroflo PVC pressure pipes is perfect for this. These pipes are able to handle pressures from 4 bar all the way to 20 bar.

Irrigation, the veins of the farm

While the larger pipes mentioned above are used to carry water through the farm for irrigation, you will need something a little more subtle in many cases. In the same way that a capillary is more suited to carry blood through your eyes, Durothene HDPE Pressure Pipes are the ideal for irrigation and water supply lines.

Especially if you are running more water-efficient systems like drip irrigation or misters, these narrower, more flexible pipes are perfect. To help make these pipes even more convenient and ideal, DPI Plastics has a wide range of ends and jointing available.

Keep your drainage flowing freely

Proper drainage is a vital aspect of agriculture in South Africa. All the agricultural machinery and pumps in the world won’t help if your drainage systems aren’t properly ventilated. Have you ever tried covering a bottle with your mouth and tipping it to drink, only to find the liquid stopping in there? That’s because there’s no airflow to displace the water and move it along, which is also why it all comes crashing out the moment you move your mouth away to let air in.

Freeflo® Soil, Vent and Waste Pipes are designed to be able to last in direct sunlight, making them perfect for letting air in or out of your drainage system with pipes placed above ground. They can stand freely in the sun without the risk of quickly perishing, and your drainage systems will be flowing freely with the right amount of air.

Another bonus of having these pipes that survive in sunlight is their convenience for wastewater conveyance. If you have wastewater moving underwater and there is a leak, you could end up with contaminated soil and not realise it until it’s too late. But with your pipes above ground, you can see it much sooner and fix it before too much damage is done.


To get the best in plastic piping solutions, contact DPI Plastics. For anything else you might need, have a look at our AgriFoodSA Directory, the best source for all things agriculture in South Africa!

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