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Soil Health For Optimised Farming In South Africa

Healthy and abundant crops are reliant on plant health, and the health of the plants is reliant on the condition of the soil. By providing a dependable way to ensure the flourishing of crops through soil health, Oro Agri SA ensures the prosperity of agriculture in South Africa.

What Is Soil Conditioner?

Soil conditioner is mainly used to enhance the physical qualities of soil which in turn makes it more fertile through improved soil structure. Soil structure is often negatively affected by soil compaction which impedes the growth of roots and subdues a plant’s ability to take up nutrients and water from the soil it has been planted in. Soil conditioner addresses this issue by making the soil looser and more textured. The more fertile and loft soil is, the better it is able to provide plants with the necessary nutrition to grow as large and nutrient-rich as possible. The fact that soil conditioner improves not only the amount of these nutrients but also the plant’s ability to absorb them is what makes it so effective.

Soil conditioners are an effective means of improving poor quality soil or revitalising soils that have been damaged by improper soil management in the past seasons. This innovative solution has also been used to maintain the peak condition of soils when they are thriving.

Soil Conditioner: Much More Than Just Fertilizer

Soil conditioner adds nutrients to the soil while also adding texture to aid the roots’ nutrient absorption as we have discussed. Soil conditioner can also improve the water retention of dry, coarse or neglected soils that are infamous for not holding water well. It even has the ability to increase soil moisture over long periods of time while, in turn, stimulating essential microbiological activity which increases the plants’ survival rate.

How Is Soil Conditioner Used?

The application of soil conditioner is undertaken in a number of ways. Some choose to apply it to the soil via a tiller before planting crops. Other situations may call for it to be used periodically throughout the growing season as necessary. However, you choose to apply the innovations of Agribusiness is up to you. One thing is for sure: soil conditioner provides peace of mind to all of those involved in farming in South Africa.

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