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The Responsibilities Of Logistical Service Providers In The Agricultural Industry

Logistical service providers offer various solutions that provide the agricultural sector with everything they need, professionally regulated in accordance to all industry standards. These services are key to all of the transportation, import and export needs of agribusinesses across South Africa.

So, what are the responsibilities of logistical service providers in the agricultural industry?

Quality Assurance

Professional logistical service providers ensure that the quality of produce, both imported and exported, are of the correct standard for the clients and consumers. The quality is also checked to ensure compliance with the various food, hygiene, and safety regulations. Logistical service providers can offer analytical services as well as product inspection services that will ensure quality throughout transportation.


By having your exports handled by specialised logistical service providers, you can minimise all the risks that are associated with exports. A logistics company will ensure that products meet food safety standards for the international markets, and not just in accordance to the local regulations. Logistics services also include the supervision and management of the cargo loading which ensures that everything is done correctly from the beginning.

Cold Chain Services

Cold chain services can be described as the seamless movement of fresh, chilled or frozen products. From the production area to the market, and through various storage and transport mediums, cold chain services ensure that these goods are transported without any change in the optimum storage temperature and relative humidity. Companies, such as the PPECB, are responsible for managing the exported cold chain and ensure that products leaving the country are handled, stored and transported at specific temperatures and optimum conditions.

If you’re looking for a professional logistical service provider, who are specialists in the agricultural industry, browse through our agricultural directory and find experts such as PPECB. Our directory helps farmers like you to get connected to the experts that can empower your agribusiness with the productivity and efficiency it needs to thrive.

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