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Press Release: New Cat® S62 Pro Features Advanced Integrated Thermal Camera

Press Release: New Cat® S62 Pro Features Advanced Integrated Thermal Camera


The launch of the Cat® S62 Pro is the pinnacle of innovation, functional design and rugged durability. It incorporates the highest resolution FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging, which is a game changer for more demanding work environments, such as engineering, mining, manufacture, agriculture and wildlife. Compared with its predecessor, it is 12% more compact, with a 10% bigger screen. It is faster, more powerful and incredibly tough, making it the ultimate work phone.


With isotherm alarming, you can monitor a custom temperature range (anything between -20 degrees Celsius to +400 degrees Celsius) and add alarms to alert you when something falls within that range. This is hugely useful and time saving when watching for machinery to reach a specified temperature, screening for unusually elevated temperatures, finding game or livestock at night, or even checking if the braai is at the right temperature.


Powered by the FLIR Lepton 3.5 and the new MyFLIR™ Pro app, the S62 Pro offers a four-fold increase in the number of thermal pixels and an unmatched feature set within the included application. For the first time, professionals and consumers can access FLIR Systems’ VividIR™ image processing, enhanced MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), and visible-to-thermal blending technologies integrated into their smartphone.


Users can now vary the intensity of MSX®, which overlays visual outline detail from the scene onto the thermal image or use the new alpha blending feature to combine thermal detail with the visual image from the Sony dual-pixel camera. Together these upgrades deliver dramatically enhanced image quality, sharper images and higher thermal resolution to provide greater context and understanding of the thermal image you are seeing.


Tested to Cat® phones’ demanding, market leading rugged standards, the S62 Pro is incredibly tough. It achieves and surpasses an ingress protection rating of IP68 and US military standard, Mil Spec 810H. It has undergone rigorous testing including repeated drop tests from 1.8m onto steel, with multiple drops onto every side and corner, as well as extensive waterproof, dirt and dust proof, temperature extreme survivability, and vibration and tumble tests.


It is hygienic too – it can be fully submerged and easily washed with soaps and disinfectants or cleaned with alcohol wipes, which makes it ideal for hygiene-conscious consumers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The IP69 rating has recently been added, which includes the ability to withstand washing with high pressure washers.

The S62 Pro’s display has been upgraded to 5.7” FHD+ (18 x 9), and memory is now 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. It also features a faster Qualcomm chipset, Android™ 10, and a large, optimised long life battery. The Cat® S62 Pro is fully enterprise ready. It supports Android Enterprise features, including Zero-touch, and has undergone a series of enrolment and policy provisioning tests with leading EMM solutions. Manage all the Android devices in your organisation simply. It is built for business, is rugged and ready to go anywhere – work or play.


Key Specifications:

  • Picks up heat and measures surface temperatures from a distance of up to 30m.
  • Scalable and movable regions of interest with ‘hottest’ and ‘coldest’ indicators.
  • Horizontal field of vision is expanded to 57 degrees to capture more of the scene.
  • 9 thermal colour palettes to choose from depending on the situation.
  • PDF reporting.
  • Powerful 4,000mAh battery.
  • 12MP Sony dual pixel rear camera and 8MP front camera.
  • Hardwearing, non-slip rubberised TPU back.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, NFC.


The Cat S62 Pro smartphone has a suggested retail price of R15 000 and will be available in September 2020 through multiple retailers and operators. Visit


Issued on behalf of Cernotech, South African distributor of Cat phones, by In-Detail Advertising.


Contact: / Charnia 083 260 4584 / 011-021-3156


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The launch of the Cat® S62 Pro is the pinnacle of innovation | functional design and rugged durability