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Making Use of a Backpack Sprayer In Agriculture and Gardening

Making Use Of A Backpack Sprayer In Agriculture And Gardening

Whether you are an avid gardener or grow agricultural crops, a backpack sprayer will always be useful and should be a tool that you have at your disposal. A backpack sprayer is a portable piece of equipment that consists of a tank that straps to your back, and a hose with which one can spray the liquid contained in the tank. It typically makes use of a pump action in order to achieve an even spray that can disperse the liquid over large surface areas.

There are many benefits and uses for a backpack sprayer that will make caring for your plants and crops much easier and more effective.


What Is A Backpack Sprayer Used For?

There are two types of liquids that backpack sprayers are typically used to distribute among crops and gardens. Each of these liquid chemicals has its benefits for plant growth and one can make use of the same backpack sprayer for both. One must just be sure to clean the backpack sprayer after each use to ensure that the chemicals do not mix together.

  • Pesticides: Insects, weeds, bacteria, fungi, and plant diseases can all be deadly to a crop. A farmer or gardener can do everything right from ensuring the soil is of good quality, to making sure that the plants are receiving enough water; however, if they are affected by any of these plagues, their crop or garden will suffer. In order to prevent this from happening, one can make use of pesticides. There are typically two kinds of pesticides known as herbicides and insecticides. Herbicides will typically be utilised to prevent against or kill any unwanted weeds, fungi, and the like; whereas, insecticides mainly target insects.
  • Fertilizer: In order to nourish themselves and grow, plants extract nutrients from the ground. Once these plants are pulled from the ground or crops have been harvested, the soil's nutrients would have diminished. This is where fertiliser comes in. Fertiliser replenishes the soil with nutrients and prepares it for new plants to flourish once more. Fertiliser can be applied in either a solid form (pellets) or in liquid form. If one uses a liquid fertiliser, it would be best to distribute it by making use of a backpack sprayer.


Are Backpack Sprayers Worth It?

There are many features and benefits that backpack sprayers provide that make them well worth the investment! Some of these features and benefits include:

  • Size: The tank of backpack sprayers are considerably larger than those of hand-held sprayers. This means that you do not have to constantly fill up your tank, which can be time-consuming and require more effort as you will have to mix a new batch of fertilising or pesticide liquid each time.
  • Precision: The even and precise application of fertilisers and pesticides is extremely important. For example, some fertilisers could “burn” plants if they receive too much, or some patches of soil will receive nutrients while other patches will remain diminished. Backpack sprayers are very accurate and provide even coverage.
  • Comfort: While backpack sprayers might be heavier than the hand-held alternative, the weight is evenly distributed across your back making it considerably easier to carry. It is also easier to work with backpack sprayers as you will have both hands available to perform your task.
  • Efficient: Making use of a backpack sprayer speeds up the spraying process. This is due to the fact that they have a far reach and can spray larger areas at a time. This is especially beneficial if one is covering large areas such as agricultural crops.


What to Expect From a Backpack Sprayer’s Price

A backpack sprayer is surprisingly cost-effective. Prices do typically differ depending on the size and quality. You will be able to find one anywhere from around R300 up to R1000. One of the best places to find backpack sprayers is from a supplier such as Magnojet. They supply their stock straight from the Magnojet factory in Brazil to South Africa, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product.


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Making Use of a Backpack Sprayer In Agriculture and Gardening