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How Does Borehole Drilling Work?

Many South Africans are turning to installing a borehole, and there are brilliant reasons for this! Although initial installation can be quite budget heavy, once they are fully functional, they will become one of the greatest investments. Boreholes save money in the long run, provide clean, fresh water and keep gardens lush and hydrated.

So, What is the Borehole Process?

Determining where the water is and how to reach it is the first step when it comes to drilling boreholes. It is crucial to employ professionals for this task to avoid drilling into hazards such as pipelines or cables.

Preparing for a Borehole

One cannot simply decide to drill a borehole and expect it to magically function. Before drilling a borehole, it’s important to speak to a geohydrologist to determine whether you have access to water in your yard. From there, you’ll need to choose borehole experts, and check with municipal laws whether it will be legal to install a borehole on your property or not.

Drilling a Borehole

The same borehole experts will use a variety of specialised equipment that drills deep down into the ground. The average borehole is measured at between 60 – 80 metres down. This depends on the needs of the person, where they are situated and how far the water is under the ground. Once the large hole has been dug out, a steel casing is inserted to ensure that the hole doesn’t cave in. Experts then test the water yield to decide whether the water performance is adequate or not.

Installing Borehole Pumps and Filters

According to the results of the test, experts will determine what sort of filter and pump system is necessary to ensure that the borehole functions optimally. Every borehole differs according to the intended use; drinking water will need to be filtered properly, while irrigation may need a pump system that can ensure the distribution of water effectively.

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