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Agricultural Machinery Tyres: Why Proper Maintenance Is Crucial

Agricultural tyres and rims are available for all kinds of agricultural machinery including tractors, sprayers, trailers and harvesters. Quality suppliers will even convert tractor rims to suit your specific requirements. This article will teach you how to care for these specialised agricultural products.

Extending the Life of Your Agricultural Machinery Tyres

In order to care for the tyres you have invested in for your agricultural machinery there are some check points you should go through to ensure the lifespan of said tyres is as long as possible. There will unfortunately be some elements you have no control over, such as the wear from the elements, will which will eventually force you to replace your tyres.

Correct Driving Style

You can also take measures to ensure your driving style is not deteriorating the lifespan of your mechanisation implements and their tyres. Reckless driving will shorten the lifespan of your agricultural tyres.

Routine Checks

Checking the tyres before using equipment should be a routine part of the process. Every time you do so you should ensure there are no irregularities like cracks, cuts or wear present. If any of the mentioned issues are present or the tyre has worn down by more than 80% it needs to be replaced immediately. The machine should not be used again until the tyre is replaced and all the wheels realigned.


Misaligned tyres are one of the main causes of irregular tyre wear which is costly both in having to replace the tyres and fuel efficiency on the field and on the road. Check the track width regularly and reset the alignment of your tyres as often as necessary. This will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.


This is one of the most important checks to do when it comes to maintaining both your agricultural machinery and its tyres. The pressure of the tyre directly effects the weight the machine can carry. If the pressure in the tyres is too low it can cause warping, if the pressure is too high they could tear and cause soil compaction.

Soil compaction is extremely detrimental and a completely avoidable form of soil degradation whereby the soil is compressed reducing the space available for air and water.

Correct Rims

The correct sized tyre for the rim is essential to tyres with an adequate lifespan. If they are not perfectly matched it will cause poor traction resulting in sidewall cracking, rim slip and other causes of irregular wear and tear.

The easiest way to avoid this to have a professional assessment done to determine if a tractor narrow conversion is necessary. At JBH Wheels cc they will convert your tractor rim to suit your individual needs. This means getting your job done while preserving your tyres and avoiding mishaps like soil compaction quickly and efficiently.

For more information on mechanisation implements, agricultural machinery and a whole host of agricultural products visit our directory or contact us directly at AGRIFOOD SA.

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