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Your First Choice For Precision Planting

Being conscious of over-planting should be a priority for all farmers as this leads to unnecessary extended seed costs. Ag Leader provides innovative technology that puts farmers in control of how much seed they want to plant.  Investing in quality precision plant tools reduces the risk of double planting, increases planting productivity, it is easier to follow the end row at harvest, yield loss will be less as seeds need not compete for nutrients and the risk of lodging is reduced.

It also lessens the risk of compaction issues and improve root development. Farmers can ensure consistent plant spacing around turns, terraces and contours. Planting data will also be readily available on your smart device. With Ag Leader’s programme SeedControl farmers can know every aspect of planting in real time, where every seed is located and how deep it is planted. Paired with other innovative solutions such as Ag Leader’s GPS receiver systems and the OnTrac3 Assisted Steering system, farmers can now plant without prolonging workdays or farmers worrying about potential planting risks.

Who is Ag Leader?

Ag Leaders was established by its president Al Myers 25 years ago. The company takes pride in its innovative solutions and technology in the world of agriculture. Myers says the precision agriculture world is changing with mergers, buyouts and new companies entering the market. He continued by saying that what sets Ag Leader aside is that it focusses on individual needs rather than merely trying to impress equipment manufacturers.

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