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NWK Retail Going from Strength to Strength Despite A Pandemic

Having celebrated its 112th birthday in May, NWK - the oldest agricultural company in South Africa - is going from strength to strength, with its retail component expanding its footprint even more this year.

By the end of 2021, NWK Retail will have opened no less than six brand-new outlets.  

Although COVID-19 and the consequent lockdown has paralysed many industries, agriculture has managed to grow with an astonishing 13,1% in 2020, with NWK Retail boasting impressive profits.

The number of outlets in the NWK Retail camp is now just over 40, with NWK Retail Vryburg, NWK Retail Bothaville and NWK Retail Klerksdorp already operational.


NWK Retail Alma, NWK Retail Bloemhof and NWK Retail Brits are scheduled to open later this year.

NWK Retail was fortunate enough to officially open NWK Retail Vryburg during a prestigious function in April, just before the country and the Matlosana region in which Klerksdorp is situated, saw another spike in COVID-19 infections.


The opening of NWK Retail Klerksdorp, scheduled to take place on 21 May, was consequently postponed.

“The turnover of NWK in comparison with a year ago is on average 20,3% higher and it is pure grace,” Heinrich Krüger, chairman of the board of NWK, said at the opening of NWK Retail Vryburg on 15 April.

A total of 285 000 sale transactions are being done at NWK Retail on a monthly basis, of which 69% are cash sales. NWK’s stock, excluding fertiliser, was estimated at R336 million on 31 March this year.


The decision to open the new outlets was based on a potential analysis. “We initially struggled to find a suitable premises in Vryburg. Fortunately, we were later able to consolidate NWK Mechanisation Vryburg and NWK Retail Vryburg on one premises,” Pieter Coetzer, manager of retail operations at NWK, explained.


NWK Retail also opened its very first branch in the Free State (Bothaville) on 8 March. “The market potential proved to be very favourable here,” Pieter added.

Both this branch and the one in Klerksdorp are being managed on an agency basis. An agency holder who had already managed a successful NWK Retail in Orkney grabbed the opportunity to establish a branch in Klerksdorp, with both hands.


“The decision to open branches in Brits, Bloemhof and Alma, was based on the fact that these towns are situated in areas that are being irrigated, offering more stability than those prone to drought,” Pieter explained.

Product ranges mirror the needs of producers in a specific area, but typically include livestock medicine and feeds; irrigation accessories, building material, hardware, fencing, pet accessories, protective clothing, steel, gardening tools, gas, agricultural chemicals, outdoor products and limited rations.


“We conduct an initial need analysis of a product range and adjust it according to producers’ feedback,” Pieter added.

Store spaces range from 300 and 1 000 square metres, with storage spaces ranging from 1 000 and 2 500 square metres.


Another recent renovation that excites Pieter, is that of NWK Best Drive in Ottosdal. It has been moved to the premises of NWK Mechanisation to make it more accessible for clients and services have been extended to include modern wheel alignment machinery.

The old premises, previously known as NWK Dienste, will be equipped with new tanks and pumps and a convenience store established. It will then be known as Ottosdal Pitstop.

“NWK Retail is blessed to be able to expand in difficult times. I appreciate the fact that clients have requested us to open stores in their towns, as it is an indication that they are satisfied with our products and services,” Pieter concluded.



Photo caption:

Pieter Coetzer (manager of retail operations at NWK), Stephan Venter (store manager of NWK Retail Vryburg), Heinrich Krüger (chairman of NWK’s board), Cas Venter (operational manager of retail) and Theo Rabe (CEO of NWK), at the official opening of NWK Retail Vryburg.


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