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Care And Maintenance: Prolong The Life Of Your Agricultural Machinery


Through proper care and maintenance, not only are you prolonging the lifespan of your agricultural machinery, but you’re also minimising the risk for unexpected restoration and repair and the costs thereof. Practice the following tips to help your equipment remain in a good, running condition for as long as possible.

Removing Dirt Is Not For The Superficial

Keeping your tractors, among other mechanisation implements, clean and dirt-free is not only good for aesthetic reasons, but it, more importantly, helps keep the engine and parts in a good working condition. A regular cleaning will prevent dirt from entering the engine and allows you to easily identify issues such as oil leaks and cracked housings, amongst other common faults agricultural machinery is prone to. Your equipment can be cleaned using paraffin to remove grease and oil, or simply clean water to remove dirt.

Best-Practice Storage To Prevent Damage And Decay

Storing your agricultural machinery and equipment safely and correctly is important in preventing sun, wind and hail damage to the paintwork, seats, or any exposed parts. Use a suitable shelter to store and protect your mechanisation implements and machinery from the elements for longer-lasting quality and a prolonged lifespan.

Driving And Operating Your Machinery, Safely

One of the most important factors to consider when aiming to preserve the lifespan and quality of your tractors and other machinery is the proper use and operation of your assets. Make sure that all the users of your equipment are well informed and properly trained to operate the machinery before usage

Other tips include:

  • applying the handbrake when stopped
  • adapting your speed to the load and terrain
  • adjusting your seat to reach all the controls safely

These, and other best-practice solutions, will ensure the longevity of your equipment. However, basic maintenance and spares will always be required in time, be sure to have good agricultural tractor supplies and spares experts on your contact list, such as Palmer Agricultural, for assistance into any spares request, or to purchase new tractors.

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