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The Importance Of Agricultural Fencing

The use of proper fencing, essential farming supplies, can make or break your farming strategy. Nothing is worse than checking on your livestock only to find they aren’t where you left them. With the right implementation of fencing, you can keep in what needs to be there and keep out what doesn’t belong.

How Barbed Wire Fencing Changed Agriculture

Richard Hornbeck writes in his 2009 paper, BARBED WIRE: PROPERTY RIGHTS AND AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT, about how the introduction of barbed wire on the American Plains drastically changed agriculture from 1880 to 1900, when it was universally adopted. He notes that as agriculture expanded there needed to be a means of protecting your livestock while sectioning off land that was theirs to graze. That’s where barbed wire changed agricultural practices forever and allowed for its expansion.

The introduction of an affordable fencing option allowed crop productivity to increase, with the threat of wandering livestock eating crops minimised by the barbed wire fencing being adopted. It also allowed farmers to observe just how much grazing space was needed to sufficiently satisfy each animal and the herd.

Why You Need Proper Fencing On Your Agricultural Land

Keeping In Your Precious Livestock

Livestock tend to wander unless they are given the necessary perimeters. This makes them vulnerable to predators, theft and the elements. The easiest way for an 800kg cow to go missing is to leave it in a field without the appropriate fencing. Putting up some barbed wire fencing goes a long way towards keeping your livestock and agricultural products safe.

Cost Effectivity

During the expansion of agriculture fencing materials were hard to come by and costly. Wooden fences were few and far between and only used by those who could afford them. For how expensive wooden fencing was it didn’t last very long either.

Barbed wire is affordable and available for as little as R3.50 per meter in South Africa. With this option most farmers can build a fence around the entire property and sections as needed within the acres of farmland.

Customisable and Versatile

When choosing fencing for your farm you can choose from multiple options depending on your needs. If you have a raging bull who will rush even a barbed wire fence, an electric fence will soon have him avoiding the perimeters.

Lichtenburg Omheinings Materiaal have made affordable barbed wire fencing widely available across South Africa to keep farming activities effective and protected. For these and more farming supplies visit our agricultural directory.


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