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Keep Dry In The Rain With Ponchos!

The agricultural sector thrives on rain, and so too does our environment. There are few things as healthy for both the Earth and agriculture as a good dose of rain, but the same cannot always be said of your trusty farm workers. Those men and woman spend their days out in the field, and sometimes they spend those days in the pouring rain doing vital work that needs to be done. That’s where ponchos come in!

What is a poncho?

Original ponchos were heavy woolen garments used in South America. These ponchos had a slit in the middle for the head to fit through, and the poncho would then rest over the wearer’s shoulders and torso – this is often used as part of the stereotypical outfit for Mexican people in cartoons even today.

In the modern age, the poncho has been developed to also include waterproof materials, making for a more comfortable and easy to move in the garment as an alternative to typical raincoats. These ponchos are made from hardy materials such as rubberised Oxford PVC, are lightweight and can easily be folded up and put into a carry pouch for easy storage and transport on days that maybe become rainy. This also makes them a lot more convenient than conventional, bulky raincoats.

How do ponchos assist the agricultural industry?

As mentioned earlier, farm workers often end up spending hours in the rain. This is a serious concern because these farm workers are entitled to safe and healthy working conditions. It does become necessary, though, to work in heavy rain in order to keep production up and perform vital duties, which is what you pay your farm workers for and how they assist in keeping the farm running so that you can continue to pay them. That is why a rain protection solution for farm workers in the field is necessary.

Since ponchos are so easy to carry about, farm workers can keep the carry pouch on them while working on days when rain is expected. If it starts raining they can then simply put the poncho on and be protected from the bulk of the rain, protecting their health. By protecting the health of your farm workers, you are protecting the workforce and productivity of your farm – and by extension the industry as well.

The ponchos sold by reputable suppliers such as Carma Textiles are of high quality, and so they are guaranteed to last. This helps to save on costs while also saving your workforce from health risks. As an added benefit of using Carma Textiles, for instance, is that they are also capable of manufacturing ponchos in a range of colours and can even add your personal logo to the design. In this way, you ensure the security of your farm and workers by ensuring that they can be easily identified, as well as helping to single out intruders who are not equipped with the proper attire.

These are just a very few simple examples though. Try Carma Textiles and their ponchos for yourself and see how they can help your farm workers in the rainy season. You can also have a look at our directory and find whatever else you need.

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