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The Future of Dairy Farming: Focusing on Efficiency and Animal Welfare


Even for farmers whose best interests lie in efficiency, animal welfare forms a key part of achieving this objective. Through best-practice agricultural machinery, animal nutrition, and environmental usage, efficiency will be improved with optimal welfare conditions.

From the provision of quality animal nutrition, through to comfort and spatial requirements, the foundation of modern dairy farming practices is built on sound animal health and welfare management. Through agricultural machinery and technological advancements, dairy farmers have access to streamlined methods of managing their herds and minimising negative effects, therefore enhancing welfare.

Agricultural Machinery for Efficiency

The machinery that is used for milking will determine the efficiency of production, however, this machinery should be specially designed and deployed in order to offer improved productivity, along with maintained health and safety for the animals. Technological advancements also means that milking solutions such as monitoring meters are available in order to optimise milking management with the use of smart technology.

Quality Animal Nutrition

Providing a milking herd with quality animal nutrition is crucial to reaching optimal production results. Not only should you focus on the quality of your animal’s feed, but, seeing as feeding is a big cost factor, farmers should look into best-practice management solutions. By using feeding accessories to simplify feeding, you can also save on wasted cost from feed mismanagement.

Mechanisation Implements and Accessories

With mechanisation implements and accessories such as ventilation, surface solutions, cow brushes, and biosecurity practices, animal welfare will be improved upon, as well as increased productivity. An example would be temperature control systems which promote cooler environments for the cows in order to maximise milk production.

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