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DeLaval is a leading supplier of milking equipment and  aftermarket products that improve the performance of farms for professional food producers.  Our products, solutions and services are designed to enable dairy farmers around the world to produce more milk more efficiently.  This means using less natural resources and limiting their operations’ impact on the environment whilst maintaining a healthy profit margin.


Section relating to milk handling: from milking the cow to checking and measuring the milk and assessing the quality. Includes accessories, consumables services and original parts.

Herd management
Accurate individual cow data to help you manage your herd. User friendly and flexible - maximise the potential of your herd.

Maximise your feeding investment. Optimal calf rearing and rotary feeding systems for your farm.

Milk cooling & storage
Information regarding cooling and storing of milk. Includes details of specific accessories, consumables services and original parts.

Cow comfort
Good care and monitoring are essential for animal health and behaviour. Cow comfort products include mattresses, brisket boards through to the swinging cow brush.

Barn & working environment
Optimising building environments for both humans and animals on the dairy farm. Maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels, lighting and insect control, accessories, consumables, service and original parts.