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How Agricultural Machinery Makes For Happy Dairy Cows

Dairy is a staple in many diets, and dairy farms are important due to the fact that they form part of a whole dedicated food industry. Agricultural machinery is available to streamline the process of collecting dairy.

Happy Cows Produce More Milk

Dairy farms need to be dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the cows to be considered successful. Thankfully, agricultural products are available that are geared towards maximising both production and comfort at the same time.

DeLaval are strong advocates of the fact that comfortable cows yield more milk, and they sell products geared to prove this as well as products and advice to keep cows healthy. This means animal health and behaviour become more predictable and better overall. A high-quality feed will also keep cows happy, healthy and thriving.

Products that keep cows comfortable can come in the form of bedding, grooming or even improved herd management. If cows are happy in the field, chances are they will be happier to be milked than when they experience a stressful herd situation.

The comfort of barns and the working environment for the people are equally important. This includes keeping the environment safe and comfortable for both parties by controlling the:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Lighting
  • Insect populations

Correct Handling of Milk Once Collected

To safely handle raw milk for mass consumption is no small feat. It requires a range of agricultural products to ensure it is done efficiently. If this process falls by the wayside in any way, shape or form you run the risk of losing an entire batch of product which will mean a waste of money, time and precious milk.

Milk needs to be cooled and stored properly or it will not be fit for consumption. After years of dairy farms following best practice in Agriculture in South Africa, we know that milk cooling and storage is almost as important as the collection process. By cooling fresh milk as quickly as possible you significantly reduce the bacteria count and prevent it from rising, meaning it will stay fresher for longer.

Peruse our directory for agricultural products to make sure your dairy cows are happy and the milk is flowing all the way to the market!

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