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Save Water And Grow Better Yields: Drip Irrigation

How would you like to be able to grow better, more stable yields of crops while saving money on your water usage? With drip irrigation systems from advanced farming irrigation suppliers this is possible, and it is already working globally.

How drip irrigation works

Drip irrigation operates by using drippers to supply water directly to the roots of plants and crops in controlled droplets. That means there are no streams or sprays of water, ensuring that only the exact amount that is needed is supplied to the plants.

Save on water and labour

One of the greatest advantages of drip irrigation supplies is that these systems only use the exact amounts of water needed, dramatically saving on water usage. Furthermore, because such a precise amount of water is used, less (if any) water is lost to evaporation and/or runoff. So you end up saving on water usage and costs, as well as preserving the environment by not wasting water.

Labour is another area of expense for farmers, because you need people to monitor and manage the operation of the farm. However, with innovative irrigation suppliers you have access to advanced systems which can be automated to deliver precise amounts of water for optimal crop growth at the necessary times, without needing to send somebody out to do this manually.

Acquire ideal irrigation supplies for your setting

Different agricultural products and settings have different needs, which is why professional irrigation suppliers like Netafim have developed different systems for specific settings. Whether you need a solution for row crop irrigation, nurseries, greenhouses or orchards, these are all available.

Another great benefit that Netafim offers, on top of more than five decades of experience in this field, is their dedication to providing support and guidance to their customers. They use their wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure that you understand how your irrigation systems work, what you need and how best to care for your crops in your climate and environment. That is what makes them a world-class irrigation supplier.

Complementary technology for your irrigation

Netafim have gone beyond irrigation and expert advice to offer other value-added complementary products which help to maximise the efficiency of your agricultural operations. There are also other farming suppliers on our agricultural directory who offer technology such as meters which can measure the moisture of your soil, among other things. With this information you can further fine-tune your irrigation efforts to get the best possible results while using as little water as possible!

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