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Agri SA: Developers of South African Agriculture

The agricultural sector in South Africa is the backbone supporting the entire country. It supplies sustenance to the people as well as business for the country as a whole when exporting quality produce. That is why the agriculture in South Africa needs to continue to develop and grow. This is Agri SA’s passion.

Who they are

Agri SA is a federation of agricultural organisations that was established in 1904 as the South African Agricultural Union. This federation consists of nine provincial and twenty-four commodity organisations, representing a diverse range of farmers of all genders, cultures and races.

They release a bi-monthly print magazine called Agri, which provides information on legislation and policies regarding the agricultural sector. The magazine also focuses on news and advice for the more than 29 000 farmers who are members of Agri SA, in both English and Afrikaans.

Aside from also sending out an electronic newsletter, Agri SA is responsible for content for an agricultural radio programme aired on RSG.

Their mission

Agri SA’s mission is to promote agriculture in South Africa in order to encourage its development and make it more profitable, stable and sustainable. Their vision is to manage this through unity, by bringing all South Africans involved in agriculture together.

It is this mission for unity, stability and sustainability – and the resulting profits for all – which drives Agri SA’s work on a range of concerns such as trade negotiations, policies, various financial issues, training and a vast array of other important factors. Bringing all of these factors, and all those involved, together will develop and benefit both agriculture and South Africa for the better.

Where they fit in

As the name implies, Agri SA fits in with all things agriculture. Their support functions structure especially espouses this along with their mission for stability and unity. Their support functions bring them into the realms of finance, IT, human resources, legal advice and marketing. In this capacity they seek to help manage the business of people and communication in agriculture, ensuring that jobs are created, people are protected and that the agriculture industry develops profitably and sustainably. In addition to this, they have a Parliament link in their support structure which monitors and reports on Parliamentary processes which may affect agriculture, keeping everybody informed and prepared.

Another support function for keeping farmers and all those involved in agriculture prepared is Agri SA’s Risk Management Desk. Here they seek to protect against the effects of risks and disasters as much as possible ahead of time, as well as minimising the consequences leading on from risk events.

Get in touch with Agri SA to learn more about them or to be a part of developing the unity and sustainability of South Africa’s agriculture industry.

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