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Increase Solar Panel Performance by Up To 15%

HYDRASOL is a high quality hydrophobic, self-clean nano solar panel coating.

Hydrasol has very low surface energy, anti-stick character which prevents water, dust and dirt from attaching themselves to the surface. Any debris that settles on a solar panel will be blown away by die wind or carried away by water droplets which are strongly repelled from the surface. The product requires no polishing or buffing. Simply wash off with clean water to produce a hard wearing, reduced stick, easy to clean, hydrophobic surface coating.

The novel breakthrough of HYDRASOL is to co-locate water repelled functional groups alongside active functional groups on nano-structured particles which bond to the resin matric, giving a tough durable and transparent coating.  The nano-particles are smaller than the wavelength of visible light and do not scatter light but providing a high degree of transparency.




  • Provides a hydrophobic layer which repels water away from the surface and keeping it dry.
  • With a ceramic hardness of 9H+, it provides increased protection against hail.
  • Can be applied pre or post installation of the solar panels.
  • It is ecologically beneficial and biologically safe.
  • It has a durability for up to 10 years.



  • An easy to clean surface – less dirt and is far easier to clean.
  • Optical neutrality of the surface is 100% retained.
  • Protects from bird fouling and other heavy soiling sticking to the panel’s surface.


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