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Fire Safety: Knysna Relief Effort After 7 June


South Africa’s prized jewel of the Western Cape was reduced to ashes on Wednesday 7 June, 2017. A fire broke out which spread as far as Plettenberg Bay with the help of a storm in the Cape region which caused winds of up to 50km per hour. Having suffered from drought the flames tore through the town.

With between 20 and 30 ignition points it rapidly turned into the largest fire recorded in South African history. The fire took the lives of nine people and destroyed Knysna.

You Can Help!

The tragedy has left thousands homeless and without belongings. There are many ways to get aid to the people that require the support of their fellow South Africans. People have been left with nothing; even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference. It is currently the middle of winter so blankets, clothes, beds, etc. will be greatly appreciated by the community. Make your donation by searching for the closest collection point or visit us here for more information.

Fire Safety for Agricultural Regions

As a result of the drought the fire in Knysna spread devastatingly quickly. The fire destroyed many orchards, vineyards and farms as it spread through the landscape. Explore SA farming directories for solutions that fit your needs.

Fire Safety Tips for Farmers

  • Remove/minimise fire hazards and accelerants on the property.
  • Have employee fire drills regularly so everyone on the property knows what safety measures to take in the case of a fire.
  • Prohibit smoking in locations with combustibles and accelerants.
  • Always have the proper equipment like smoke detectors and fire extinguishers; check their functionality regularly.
  •  Keep unnecessary vegetation to a minimum to prevent accelerants.

Agricultural Fire Fighting Equipment

Many farms are far away from the town centre and will not have time to wait for first-responders to arrive before the fire consumes their livelihood. Browse Agricultural Advertisers in South Africa to find fire prevention and extinguishing tools to suit your needs. These systems can help multiple industries, including agriculture, avoid disaster.

Invest in a plan that can turn a potential tragedy into a minor mishap. Firefighting equipment kits are available to keep your home, family and livelihood safe.

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