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Agri Skills

National Diplomas For Agriculture

Agriculture is an important investment for the nation as well as for individuals. Your passion for animals or plants can lead to a food-secure future for yourself and your community. You can also dream big and become a major player in South Africa’s agricultural sectors. To achieve any of this you’ll need knowledge, practical experience, and mentoring. Gain these core skills with Agri Skills Transfer’s national diplomas.

Agriculture consists of enormous sectors (primary and secondary) with virtually unlimited potential. The most well-known primary farming sectors are beef and dairy cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry (including egg production), citrus, grains, oilseeds, viticulture (grapes), sugar, and vegetables to name but a few. However, don’t limit yourself, there are so many more specialised fields that you can explore. Some of these are:




  • Game.
  • Aqua / mariculture.
  • Commercial insects.
  • Animal fibres harvesting.
  • Bee keeping.
  • Eco / Agritourism.
  • Agro chemicals.
  • Rabbit farming.
  • Horse breeding.
  • Stud breeding (various), etc.
  • Organic production.
  • Hydroponic production.
  • Perma-culture production.
  • Agronomy.
  • Horticulture.
  • Natural resources harvesting.
  • Indigenous crop farming (casava, cowpea, amaranth, sourplum, marula, etc.).
  • Niche crop farming (saffron, blueberries, micro greens, exotic mushrooms, etc.).


Your farming future starts with Agri Skills Transfer. Choose one of our 2-year National Diploma courses, in animal or plant production, and soak up our collective knowledge and experience through full-time or distance learning.

If you choose our full-time option, you will intermittently live, work, and study at our Cullinan Farm and Windy Brow Game Reserve. When not at either of these sites, you will be at home completing online theory modules. Our distance learning option is ideal if you already have a practical site / workplace. You can continue to work, and you can complete your theory online via Google Classroom. Both options offer an amazing, blended learning experience where you must complete theory and practical training to successfully complete your diploma course.

Our scheduled open days for the full-time diploma courses are 24 September, 29 October, and 26 November 2022. These will be held at our Cullinan Farm Training Centre. Book by emailing

We welcome anyone who wants to visit our demonstration farm near Cullinan (by appointment) or you can stop by and visit our head office in Groenkloof, Pretoria. Visit our website (, email ( or call (012 460 9585) to learn more about our courses.


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