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How Do You Make Sure You Don’t Miss Rows While Planting?

You have to keep a close eye on your planting to make sure you don’t miss anything, right? But we are all human, and we sometimes miss things. That is why you need agricultural products and technology that will keep a tireless eye on the process for you.

Information is power, especially when planting.

Seed companies provide you with what you need to plant, and your end goal is to raise the crops you need to feed consumers. The profits from this are your bread and butter, your business. So it’s clear that you need to keep an eye on this end-goal, otherwise you can’t do business.

But as many farming suppliers and crop farmers have found, you need to keep an eye on the little details too. While you are planting the seeds you bought from the seed companies you can’t always be sure that something hasn’t gone wrong. What if there was a glitch in the system and a few seeds weren’t planted properly?

With agricultural products like Electrolee’s Planter Monitors you won’t have to worry about missing any steps. The Planter Monitor keeps track of the planting process in real-time, and the moment something goes wrong the device will sound the alarm to tell you that something was missed. Whether it’s an unexpected blockage or just a glitch, the driver of the planter will be notified and know to stop and check it out.

You’ll never have to worry about missing rows when planting seeds and the revenue lost to this again, thanks to a little extra help from innovative farming suppliers.

Keeping things simple

Agricultural production and processes are very time-consuming, and the less time and effort you have to spend on setting up the better. That is why the Planter Monitor’s ability to monitor your planting for you is so important.

Electrolee, the makers of the Planter Monitor, have gone the extra mile in simplifying matters for you with great support and a three year guarantee. Whether it be after sales support or repairs and replacements, they do it for you. And they say it can happen as quickly as a day or two!

This kind of simplicity is what you need in agricultural production, and having farming suppliers who can help you reach this level of simplicity means that you can focus more on the business of your farm. But where do you find these helpful suppliers?

Have a look at the AgriFoodSA Directory! Whatever you need from farming suppliers to seed companies, you’ll find them all right here. If you’d like to put yourself on this directory, great! Just contact us and see what we can do for you and the sale of your agricultural products.

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