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What Is Crop Production Management?

Crop production management references multiple processes that are geared to improve the growth, yield and developments of agricultural crops. This may vary according to the class of crops as well as the location but will optimise farming across South Africa.

Soil Crop Management

Farmers use innovative technologies which allow for easy tracking of data throughout each year and give invaluable insights. These insights allow farmers to achieve more with less. Technology from Topcon Precision Agriculture Africa puts the power back into the farmers’ hands by informing them of exactly what the soil needs before it is ready for any particular crop to be planted to promise the highest yield.

This insight during the preparation and planning stages, leading up to planting and seeding, gives the farmer the peace of mind that comes from following factual feedback from the smart agricultural technology.

Irrigation Crop Production Management

Topcon Precision Agriculture Africa provides technology that grows right along with you and your production. In order to maximise efficiency and preserve resources we implement technologies in all farming processes. Most importantly professional crop production management must address water management, especially in South Africa, where water is often scarce.

How Crop Production Management Can Optimise South African Agriculture

The goal of all crop production management is to produce more with less, which can be done by maximising efficiency. This will boost the profitability of any farm’s operations and allow for further development. The real beauty of crop management lies in the fact that it not only optimises operations but does so while preserving the environment and natural resources.

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